A Letter from the Board of Directors

Our growing season is now year-round, as it might be in every good garden. Good - there is an increasing number of people who are hungry,and who might find multiple benefits at what is aptly and increasingly called our "common table". We save seed, year to year, both literally and figuratively - beginning with our good reason to be - to strengthen communities by giving people skills and opportunities for full participation – and increasing in value and number every time we see smiles and power in the faces of those we serve. We are grateful for our committed, representative, and fully supportive board; and grateful for support from concerned individuals and service agencies enabling us to enable others.

Our program is well considered and necessarily broad - we use cultural, social, environmental, and expressive arts as tools for enhancing community awareness. That format, regardless of respective titles, invites us to see, hear, and know each other; with attention that allows us to share our common humanity, to expand our compassion and understanding through connection with those whose very different experiences offer enlightened, humbling perspectives of our own. It allows us to stay in touch with the breadth and depth of our personal and collective, very capable spirit.

Organizations like Open Ground are increasingly important, and the work needs and merits full support. If you have already made a donation this year, thank you thank you! If you are just now being asked, know that whatever you give will directly serve basic needs of populations that truly need your support. Please make a tax-deductible donation on any level - "Membership" is $35, "Friend" is $100, and "Patron" is $200 – anything beyond that merits our highest commendation, "Activist.". Please give us the next 5 minutes of your time, and whatever monetary support you can afford Mail it to us today, before it's lost to the weedpile. We will steward your kindness with determined care, with gratitude, and with best wishes for all of our gardens.

Ann Grundy, Lexington (Emeritus)
Christine Kuhn, Lexington
Gwen Kaiser, Paducah, Chair
Jardana Peacock, Louisville
John Begley, Louisville, Treasurer
Marshall Thompson, Frankfort (Emeritus)
Nancy Adams, Catlettsburg, Co-Chair
Nell Fields, Whitesburg
Nico Menchú, Louisville, Secretary
Paula Dumont, Elizabethtown
Renee Corrigan, New Orleans
Richard Taylor, Frankfort

Immediate Needs:
  • Come to camp, bring a friend, or sponsor another.
  • Volunteer your time as secretary, fundraiser, or gardener. Meet our office needs from your home computer.
  • Organize a volunteer work crew.
  • Convince one of your communities to sponsor an entire program, or to support one staff person for a week.
  • Donate a working refrigerator, ice machine, PA system, or pottery kiln.
  • Run underground electric service to our stage, goat shed, and chicken coop
  • Pave the 100' of road between the program buildings and staff house, for wheelchair accessibility.
  • Tell your friends about us, or invite one of our 'in-crowd' to a luncheon, garden party, or club meeting
  • We need a paid staff.
  • We want to own our home.

Open Ground
681 Roye Lane, Harrodsburg, KY 40330
(859) 375-2411